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Faroe Island Salmon Fillet

simply roasted, perfectly sized fillets

Faroe Island Salmon Fillet

Perfectly sized, simply prepared, salmon fillets for tots. Salmon contains more heart and brain healthy omega 3 fatty acids than any other dietary source by far. We choose premium Atlantic Salmon from the Faroe Islands, a small remote island group located in the middle of the North Atlantic. The Islands' pristine environment and commitment to sustainable farming produce a rich and flavorful salmon indistinguishable by many from its wild brethren.  

Our chefs create tasty healthy, nutrient rich and balanced versions of food kids like to eat, with a focus on organic ingredients, whole grains, lots of vegetables, whole fruits, little or no added sugar, lean natural proteins, and healthy fats. Our mission is to provide parents with convenient choices they can feel good about and that kids will happily eat. 


Faroe Island Salmon, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sea Salt


Keep Refrigerated. Use within 3 days of delivery

Remove all condiment cups and lids and set aside before heating.

You may empty sauces and toppings into food container for reheating as desired. Proceed to heat food container as follows:

Oven (recommended for best results)
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place brown food container directly on to oven rack or on a baking sheet. Place piece of foil wrap or wax paper over container and heat 5-15 minutes.

Place food container on a microwave safe dish. Heat for 30-60 seconds (timing varies depending on your microwave). If possible, stir food to ensure heating occurred evenly and there are no hot spots.

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